How To Check Your ELDT Status Online

Driver-trainees who have completed their Entry-Level Driver Training (Theory, Behind-the-Wheel, or both) with a provider listed on the TPR can verify their records online.

What You Will Need:

When checking your records on the TPR website, there are several pieces of information that are required to verify your identity:

•    Your License or Permit Number
•    The State in which the License or Permit was issued
•    Your Date of Birth
•    Your First and Last Name

NOTE: It is very important that you enter your information exactly as it appears on your driver's license, commercial learner's permit (CLP), or commercial driver's license (CDL).

How Long Should I Wait?

Training Providers are required to submit your completed training information by midnight of the second business day after you have completed testing. Please allow 2 business day before checking the database to verify your training records.

Check Your Records

To see what information your training provider has submitted to the Training Provider Registry, you can access your records at the link below: