Understanding the Training Provider Registry (TPR)

What is the Training Provider Registry (TPR)?

With the implementation of the ELDT regulations comes an all-new way of listing and verifying training providers.

This system, called the Training Provider Registry (TPR), provides a comprehensive database of qualified ELDT providers in the United States.

Why Was the TPR Created?

Before any training can take place, training providers are required to register with the TPR in order to certify that they meet all applicable Federal and State training requirements.

This ensures that driver-trainees are presented with proper training by well-qualified entities before they can test for certain commercial driver's licenses (CDLs) or CDL endorsements.

How is the Registry Organized?

The Training Provider Registry is broken down into Online, In-Person, and Traveling providers.

When searching the TPR, driver-trainees can specify the type of training that they are looking for (Class A, Class B, Passenger, School-Bus, or Hazardous Materials), the location of the training (for in-person training), and whether they need Theory or Behind-the-Wheel instruction.

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Is My Provider on the TPR?

For more information on the Training Provider Registry, or to verify that your instructor is registered with the TPR, follow the link below: