Ladder Safety in Construction

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  • Level: Beginner
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If you have ever needed to reach high places at home or on the job, chances are that you have used a ladder. Ladders are one of the oldest and most frequently used tools in the world. Because they are the safest and easiest method to reach elevated areas, ladders can be found on nearly any construction site in the country.

But as straightforward as ladders may seem, there are a long list of hazards that come with frequent use of the tool. In this training course, we will talk about some of the hazards that come along with ladder use and the things that workers can do to protect themselves from injuries on the job.

Course overview
While the construction industry is the field most effected by ladder accidents each year, ladders are frequently used across a variety of other industries as well. This training module is intended for all employee working in any industry that involves frequent ladder use. To be safe, any employee working in these industries should be aware of how to properly use a ladder.

OSHA’s construction standard relating to safe ladder use is 29 CFR 1926.1053.

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Certificate included
Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate of completion for this training.

Course Objectives

With proper knowledge and awareness, most ladder-related injuries can be prevented. Workers who are informed on how to properly use a ladder will better understand the hazards associated with the tool and the ways in which to protect themselves and coworkers from accidents.


Understand the importance of ladder safety


Inspect a ladder and correctly set it up for safe use


Recognize common ladder hazards.

Working on Ladders

Safely climb, descend, and work on a ladder

Appropriate Ladder

Select the appropriate ladder for the task at hand

Maintaining Ladders

Properly maintain, store, and transport ladders

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