Tool Box Talk - General Fire Safety

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General Fire Safety

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Workplace Fire

Fire at your workplace can endanger your life & the lives of your co-workers. A fire at your facility also can result in injuries to workers, severe structural damage; destruction of machinery, equipment or materials; and even the complete shutdown of company.

     Fire Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

Fire safety is everyone's responsibility and there are things you can do every day as an employee to prevent the threat of a fire in your workplace. 

  • If you smoke you have a huge responsibility and must follow all of your company smoking rules. The most important is if you are allowed to smoke in designated areas that you always make sure that each time you smoke it is disposed of properly and is fully extinguished.
  • You should always dispose of combustible or flammable rags and waste properly. Anytime you clean up after fuel or flammable product spills you must dispose of all waste properly. If your facility has a Hazmat disposal containment, go directly to dispose of properly and make sure there is a lid in place. Never mix these items with common trash unless they are sealed properly.

     Fire Safety Preparation

You should always be ready and prepared in case of a fire emergency. You should:

  • Check the location of fire alarms and know how they work.
  • Learn your building evacuation plan.
  • Know where your two nearest exits are located. Learn how doors swing and where stairs lead.
  • Make sure nothing blocks fire pulls, extinguishers and emergency exits.
  • Learn the sound of your building fire alarm.
  • Post emergency numbers (including security and first aid) near your telephone.

Look around your workplace and make sure you know exactly where fire extinguishers are located and the nearest one to your work area. Fire Extinguishers are designed to only fight a small fire and only are effective for about 40 seconds.