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Class A CDL
ELDT Training

Looking to earn your Class A CDL? Get started with our FMCSA-approved ELDT course!

The ELDT Process:

1. Theory training
Complete one of our online, ELDT Theory training courses. We will submit all Theory documentation to the FMCSA for you.
2. Behind-the-wheel training
Complete an in-person, Behind-the-Wheel ELDT course with a separate provider in your area. They will submit your BTW documentation to the FMCSA.
3. Schedule CDL Road Test
Once you have passed your Road Test, and complied with all of your State's requirements, you can gain your CDL/Endorsement.

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Reviews from our Students:

Behind The Wheel Training Required

In order to schedule the Road Test for your CDL/Endorsement, you must complete an in-person Behind-the-Wheel ELDT course with a separate provider after completing Theory training.

Theory training alone will not allow you to gain your CDL/Endorsement.

What's included?

  • 30 Units
  • 1 Test Per Unit
  • ELDT Certificate
  • TPR Submission

Certificate Download

Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate of completion.

TPR Submission

Once you finish the training, our team will quickly submit your results in the TPR to show that you have completed your theory training.

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What is ELDT?

Check out our FAQ page for more information on the FMCSA's newest requirement.