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ELDT Theory Training

Looking for Class A, Class B, Class B to A, Passenger Endorsement, or School Bus Endorsement ELDT Theory training?  Get started with our FMCSA-approved courses!

The ELDT Process:

1. Theory training
Complete one of our online, ELDT Theory training courses. We will submit all Theory documentation to the FMCSA for you.
2. Behind-the-wheel training
Complete an in-person, Behind-the-Wheel ELDT course with a separate provider in your area. They will submit your BTW documentation to the FMCSA.
3. Schedule CDL Road Test
Once you have passed your Road Test, and complied with all of your State's requirements, you can gain your CDL/Endorsement.

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Reviews from our Students:

ELDT: Course Information

How long do your courses last?

All of our ELDT courses are self-paced and designed to be taken according to the students' prior knowledge and ability. On the short end, some of our courses can be completed in 1-2 hours. For students who wish to take their time, our courses can last upwards of 10-12 hours or longer. Students are required to pass a series of knowledge tests with a minimum score of 80% before completing their course(s).

Can I take my course on my phone?

Yes! SaferTraining courses can be taken from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. You can even start your course on one device, and pick back up where you left off on another.

I finished my course, now what?

After completing your course, you will be asked to input your CDL, learner’s permit, or driver’s license information. After completing this form, you will then have access to your Certificate.

When SaferTraining receives your course and license information, we will input your records to the Training Provider Registry and you can then begin the next steps in the CDL process.

How long does it take for my information to be submitted to the TPR?

Government regulations require that training providers submit student information within 48 hours of course completion. However, SaferTraining typically submits student information within hours of completion.

For information on how you can check the progress of your records in the TPR, visit our
How to Check Your ELDT Status Online page.

Am I required to bring my certificate to the DMV?

No. While SaferTraining provides students with a downloadable/printable certificate upon completion of their course, this certificate is not a required document that must be taken to the DMV when applying for a CDL.

Can I retry if I fail an exam?

Yes. Students are required to take a 5-question exam after each section of their course. If a student scores lower than a 4/5, they are required to retake the exam until they have passed.

How long can I access the course?

SaferTraining students have unlimited access to their course. This benefit allows students to use their course as a study tool for future exams or classes.



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What is ELDT?

Check out our FAQ page for more information on the FMCSA's newest requirement.