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Why Choose SaferTraining?

100% OSHA Compliant

Our Forklift Operator Certification is 100% compliant with OSHA regulations including OSHA 1910.178(I).

Instant Certification Card

You will receive a downloadable and printable certification card the minute you finish our course.

Accepted in all 50 States

You will receive a Forklift Operator Certification that meets the OSHA standards and is valid in all 50 states.

50% Off All Future Purchases

As a first time buyer of our Forklift course, you will receive a coupon to be used on any future purchase, including your Forklift Operator renewal in 3 years.

Certification included

  • Downloadable Card/Certificate

    After you pass your Forklift Operator Safety and Training Final Exam, your new card and certification will be immediately available for download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs Forklift Training?

This training is designed for workers seeking OSHA-accepted forklift driver certification. Forklift training is required for individuals who operate forklifts or other powered industrial trucks in various industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, construction, and logistics. In this course, you'll learn how to safely operate forklifts, also known as powered industrial trucks. To legally operate this machinery, you must be at least 18 years of age. This course is appropriate for workers in construction or general industry.

What is the process of getting forklift certification?

To earn your OSHA forklift certificate and certification card, you must complete each of the course's 10 lessons and pass a comprehensive final exam with 80% or better. You have an unlimited number of attempts to pass the final exam.

Once you've cleared the final exam, OSHA mandates that you undergo practical training provided by your employer and undergo an evaluation of your performance operating the forklift in real-world scenarios. Only after completing this training and evaluation process will you be granted your official forklift license. To assist in this assessment, we'll supply a Forklift Operator Evaluation Form, which your employer can utilize to assess your competence in various essential tasks related to forklift operation.

Is online forklift certification valid?

Absolutely. Our fully online course fulfills OSHA's formal training mandate for forklift operation, which is the first step towards obtaining forklift certification. Your employer will guide you through the next two stages: practical training and a performance assessment.

OSHA mandates in-person training on the specific equipment you'll be operating. A certified forklift trainer, either employed by your company or hired externally, will oversee your performance evaluation. Upon passing the evaluation and demonstrating your capability to operate a forklift safely, you'll attain official certification.

Is this forklift certification course accepted by OSHA?

Yes, this course is 100% OSHA compliant and covers every topic that OSHA requires forklift operators to learn in order to earn their certification.

What types of forklifts are covered in this course?

Our Forklift Certification course covers the safe operation of a variety of forklift types, including:

•    Class I – Electric Motor Rider Trucks
•    Class II – Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks
•    Class III – Electric Motor Hand Trucks or Hand/Rider Tucks
•    Class IV – Internal Combustion Engine Trucks which have solid or cushion tires
•    Class V – like class IV internal combustion engine trucks but have pneumatic tires
•    Class VI – Electric and Internal combustion engine tractors
•    Class VII – Rough Terrain Forklift trucks

How long does my forklift certification last?

Your forklift certification will remain valid for a period of three years. Once it expires, you'll be required to undergo another performance evaluation with your employer to renew your forklift certification.

Can I apply for a job with this certification?

Yes! This forklift certification is exactly what employers are looking for. Remember to update your resume upon course completion to highlight your certification.

Should I do this training now if I'm looking for a Forklift Operator job?

Yes – that way you can show your new employer that you have already received the formal training for the forklift. When you get hired, they will evaluate you operating a forklift and then sign the back of your certification.

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